What does a Farm in a Box do?

Our Farm in a Box grows Asian Greens (Kangkong, Chinese Borcoll, Bok-Choy, Choi-Sum etc), Leaf Greens (lettuces), herbs, certain root vegetables and many other crops in any location, regardless of exterior climate.

Do you require a farm hand?

1 farm hand can work on up to 4 Farm Boxes in a month.

Individuals who are studying at TAFE (Technical and Further Educational institutes) can be engaged as a Farm Hand Intern.

How does the automated system work?

Through various IoT sensors, the system will automatically keep track of the PH and EC level, the temperature level, the CO2 level, the lighting level.

How does the system replace sunlight?

The system uses fully automatic LED lights for 14-17 hours a day that replicate the light spectrum produce by the sun.

Do you provide training?

We provide pre-training prior to purchasing a Farm in a Box.

On going support is provided throughout the year.

Do you provide us with the supply of Fertiliser?

We are working with a Dutch company with an office in Australia to prepare the ideal solution mix for various greens.