Farm in Box

How it Works

Our farming model is vertical and stackable. It can be implemented in a container, in a building, in a warehouse, in a car park, in a backyard, in unused unoccupied tunnels etc.

Fully automated hydroponic crop growing system with Integrated master control.

Wi-fi connectivity allowing remote access and monitoring using computer or smartphone.

Combining advanced solar and wind power technology to deliver a cost effective and environmentally sustainable model for any farming business.

Automated control on Co2, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Air Circulation, Humidity, Temperature, Water level.

Technology based controlled growing environment provides optimal conditions for each plant type thereby maximising yield. We supply customised temperature control, nutrient solutions and LED light spectrum for each crop type reducing the growing cycle.

Minimal requirement on labour and external energy sources, allowing huge savings on operating costs.

Substantially reduce distance between farm to table to realise the full nutritional benefits of fresh produce.


Traditional soil-based farming is generally set up in a large field away from city centres where land value or rental is low. It is constantly subject to weed, pests and other elements.

This leads to overuse of fertilizers to increase yield and pesticide to prevent crop loss and much higher transportation expense. In contrast, our farming model provides substantial savings on land required, water, fertilizers, labour and pesticides.

It can be implemented close to or within the population centres thereby reducing transport costs and allowing harvests to be brought to consumers much faster and fresher without any preservatives.

On average, crops grow 25% faster and yield is 30% higher than conventional farming as less energy is wasted on growing an extensive root system to search for nutrients.

Our advanced solar and wind power components allow even greater saving on energy.